May 8, 1800

The Anti-Federalist ticket has prevailed in the city of New York, and they have chosen Democratic members for their assembly. It is said this will make a majority of Democratic electors in their legislature, and bring Jefferson into the Presidential chair. Blessed be God that all things are in His hands, and may He avert such an evil from this country, for His name's sake. I do not believe that the Most High will permit a howling atheist to sit at the head of this nation.

May 17, 1800

There is still hope that the New York legislature will be federal...

May 23, 1800

... it is said that the New York legislature will have a bare majority of Anit-Federalists.

May 27, 1800

People are generally much disheartened about the approaching Presidential election. Our hope must be in the Most High.

July 4, 1800

In the morning we had news of the death of Mr. Jefferson. It is to be hoped that it is true...

July 12, 1800

The news of Mr. Jefferson's death is contradicted...

September 25, 1800

There is considerable horse-racing here. In the past weeks I have written seven numbers to show that Mr. Jefferson will never be President of the United States, which have been published. Wrote on my drama.

October 11, 1800

The whole country appears to be in a ferment on account of the approaching election of the President.

November 23, 1800

Snowed some. Thin meetingIt appears that the Presidential election depends on the Pennsylvaina Senate....

December 1, 1800

Read Hume. Quite cold. The prospect of a Federal President brightens.

December 21, 1800

Quite tired. It appears probable that Mr. Jefferson will be our President. I think I never heard bad tidings on anything which gave me such a shock. Our prospects had become perfectly sanguine. Contrary to the expectations of all parties, South Carolina have all voted for him. Our only consolation is that the Lord reigns. May we not complain of his disposal.

February 23, 1801

Read Hume. Walked out. Was informed that Mr. Jefferson is chosen President of the United States. I think it is clearly a great frown of Providence. May we learn humility, and may the God of our fathers still be our God.

March 16, 1801

Wrote. Rhode out and visited. Warm. Ground breaking up. Last Wednesday the Democrats in this state had a great fete at Wallingford, to celebrate the election of Mr. Jefferson to the Presidency. As I was riding through New Milford I heard the cannon.